Why should we vote?

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As mentioned earlier, there are many people who think that their vote does not matter and therefore do not even register themselves to vote. However, we often forget that even a difference of one vote can be the difference between a good government and a bad government, a capable and strong head of state and a weak and indecisive government. Therefore, every individual is repeatedly stressed upon to vote.

Why should we vote in India: What are the main reasons to vote?

Why should we vote

This is our right: India’s democratic foundation is based on election results. Our legislatures and parliaments are elected by, for and by the people. We are fortunate to have the constitutional right to vote. We take it for granted, but the Constitution gives us the right to vote for whoever we want and to change our minds.

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Agent of change: Your vote has the potential to make a significant difference. If you are dissatisfied with the current government then you can vote for a better government. If people do not vote, the same party will remain in power for the next five years. Ultimately, if bad governance is left in the country, it is the people’s fault that they voted incorrectly or did not vote at all.

Your vote matters: Every vote matters. Although it seems like there is an endless sea of people waiting to vote, every vote counts. When the national attitude changes from thinking “my vote doesn’t matter”, the numbers go up and a larger number of people voting will make a difference. The responsibility is on every person.

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Note: The Government of India has made it possible for voters to cast their vote even if they are dissatisfied with any candidate. NOTA means none of the above, and it is an important vote for those individuals who are not satisfied with any candidate. NOTA voting means that no candidate is suitable.

FAQs on Elections and Voting in India

Q1. What are the major elections of the country?

There are four major elections in the country,

  • Lok Sabha Elections
  • Rajya Sabha elections
  • The Prime Minister is elected by the elected members of the Lok Sabha
  • Election of the President by the collection of members of the State and Central Legislatures

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Q2. What is Voter ID?

Voter ID is a document issued by the Election Commission of India to eligible citizens of the country that entitles them to vote in the country’s elections, provided their name is in the voter list.

Q3. What are the ways to check a person’s name in the voter list?

Some of the easiest ways to check your name in the voter list are by sending an SMS, calling the helpline number, downloading the voter helpline app or visiting the ECI website or simply visiting the nearest local election office.

Q4. What is NOTA?

NOTA is an option available to voters in the electoral process if they do not feel that any of the candidates contesting the election is worthy of their vote.

Q5. What is the need for elections?

Elections are the platform to showcase the popular mandate of the people in choosing their government. It is one of the fundamental pillars in shaping the future of a democratic nation.

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