This girl from Jaipur rural created history, did a big feat at the age of 15, even IIM management was surprised

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Sabase Kam Umr Kee IIM Student: Success is not dependent on age, if a person works hard in the right direction then he is sure to succeed. Vidyottama Vinod, a resident of Kishangarh Renwal Ralavata in Jaipur Rural, has proved this. This girl has passed the IPMAT exam at the age of just 15 years.

IPMAT is one of the toughest exams in the world. Vidyottama is the youngest student in India to clear the IPMAT exam and get admission in IIM Rohtak. The special thing is that Vidyottama did not take any special coaching classes for this exam, but passed this difficult exam along with schooling.

She came from village to city and then reached IIM

Let us tell you that this time 28 thousand students participated in the IPMAT exam for 150 seats. Out of these, only 800 children were shortlisted. Students from countries like Bahrain and Oman also participated in this exam. After this, IIM Rohtak interviewed 800 students and selected 150 children. Vidyottama Vinod was also included in it. Vidyottama Vinod is originally from Ralavata village of Jaipur Rural.

Sabase Kam Umr Kee IIM Student

Youngest IIM student: Vidyottama’s father Vinod Verma is a government teacher. Due to his work, the whole family had to leave the village and come to Kishangarh Renwal. Vidyottama has received her early education from here. Vidyottama passed the tenth examination at the age of just 13 and scored 95 percent marks. After the excellent result of tenth, father Vinod Verma sent daughter Vidyottama to study in Tiolar High School of Jaipur. It was from this school that Vidyottama came to know about IPMAT and now she has reached IIM Rohtak.

IIM updated the system for Vidyottama: Sabase Kam Umr Kee IIM Student

Vidyottama Vinod is the youngest student in the country to pass the IIM Rohtak exam. She is not even 16 years old yet. According to the computer system of IIM Rohtak, only children above 16 years of age could fill the form for IIM Rohtak, but Vidyottama has surprised even IIM by passing this exam at the age of just 15 years. Now IIM is making changes in its computer system for Vidyottama Vinod.

What is IPMAT and IIM

IPMAT is one of the toughest exams in the world. After passing the IPMAT exam, one gets admission in IIM institutes. Foreign students also participate in this exam. There are five IIM institutes in India. There are different seats in these. IIM Indore and Rohtak are one of the top institutes in the country. IIM is a five-year integrated program course. After completing this, students become the management head of a big company and lead the entire team. For example, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan are also from IIM.

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