Modi Ji will become Prime Minister for the third time Astrological Analysis 2024

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Modi ji will become Prime Minister for the third time 2024: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, grandson of Shri Moolchand Modi and son of Hiraben and Damodardas Modi, was born on 17 September 1950 around 12:00 noon in Badnagar, Gujarat near Mehsana Nagar.

When Modi ji was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, in 2014 Lok Sabha elections were held on 2 June 2014, new Lok Sabha was formed and on 16 May, 4 May Modi ji Pradhan Maitri wrote a new history, whose horoscope was analyzed. 20 March. In 2014, in the fortnightly magazine “Hundchi Baatein” published from Kishangarh Renwal in Jaipur (Rajasthan) district, Editor-in-Chief Ramsingh Shekhawat had analyzed the horoscope of Modi ji. It was published for the third time from 2024 in April 2014. The result is the same, the first phase of elections will be fully active, then what does the subtle and in-depth analysis of the planets as per the horoscope say? Status of: Modi ji will become Prime Minister for the third time 2024

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At present, the position of the planets in the horoscope is as follows

Modi ji will become Prime Minister for the third time

Moon is debilitated, Mercury is set, retrograde is exalted, Jupiter is retrograde, Saturn is set (Bhadrapada V. No. 2007 Shukla Paksha, Sunday Anuradha Nakshatra Phase 2). Mahadasha of Mars from 20-01-2021 to 21-01-2028 (7 years), Antardasha of Saturn from 13-06-2023 to 21-07-2024.

Mars Moon Neech Bhang Yoga, Lagnesh, Sixth Mangal, Lord Mars in Swarashi Lagna is becoming energetic and solving all the problems. Dhanesh Panchamesh Jupiter in happiness house, Saptamesh Vyesh, Venus in Karma house, full vision of Jupiter with Sun, Karmesh Sun and sight of Mercury and Rahu in seventh profit house increase energy in postmortem.

Modi ji will become Prime Minister for the third time : Modi ji

Saturn’s antardasha is going on. Parakramesh-Sukhesh Saturn is increasing its influence in the center. Saturn is providing great strength in Karma Bhava, diplomacy, and understanding. If Saturn was not in the Sun’s sign then no one in the world would have been able to make a hole. A very strong Rajyoga is being formed and Mercury Aditya Yoga is being formed which provides continuous strength. At present the complexion of the Lok Sabha has changed but no power will be able to stop him from holding this post.

1 The transiting Jupiter from 2024 will provide strength and Saturn will also not allow any reduction in position but they are thinking that they will not get that many seats in the Lok Sabha. There are strong chances of him becoming Prime Minister for the third time. Shubham Bhava.

BJP will get 330 to 350 seats, Congress will get 45 to 55 seats, regional, independent and other parties will get the remaining seats.

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Modi ji will become Prime Minister for the third time

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