Who Is the husband of Christina Applegate? All you need to know About Martyn LeNoble

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Who Is The Husband of Christina: Christina Applegate and Dutch bassist Martyn LeNoble got married in 2013. Christina Applegate and her Dutch spouse Martyn LeNoble remain relatively quiet about their relationship even after over ten years of marriage.

The singer and the actress, who appeared on Days of Our Lives in 1972 and played Kelly Bundy on Married…with Children, became engaged in 2010 and married in 2013, despite having been friends for a number of years before that. They welcomed a daughter in 2011. LeNoble not only helped Applegate achieve her career and professional goals, but she also supported her during her 2008 breast cancer diagnosis, which necessitated a double mastectomy and the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. The Dead to Me actress claimed that LeNoble made her feel “beautiful” about the modifications to her new physique in a 2009 interview with PEOPLE.


Who Is The Husband of Christina  Christina_Applegate_Husband

“Martyn has been my pillar of support through everything, so I’m really appreciative that he arrived at the right time.,” Applegate said. “He gave me something to be happy about and something to truly desire to live for.”

LeNoble continued to help Applegate after she got a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in August 2021; he was present for the November 2022 event where she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the emotional ceremony, LeNoble was seated behind Applegate and was shown on camera wiping away a tear. Who is the Dutch musician with whom Applegate has shared an almost ten-year marriage? Discover everything there is to know about Martyn LeNoble, the spouse of Christina Applegate.

Christina Applegate’s Husband is Dutch

LeNoble was raised in Holland, in the Netherlands, where he was born. He was surrounded by music as a child. “I’m really fortunate that my parents have always had a good music collection,” he explained in an interview. “Punk rock was pretty popular while I was growing up, so my parents had those recordings everywhere.”

Who Is The Husband of Christina  Christina_Applegate_Husband

The musician was a teenage bassist in a local Dutch punk rock band before relocating to Los Angeles. LeNoble is primarily known for his abilities on the bass, although he is also proficient on the guitar, keyboard, and cello. To pursue a career in music, he relocated to Los Angeles from Holland in 1989. “I arrived here in 1989. He once remarked, “It was weird, man. I was 20, and I landed here with $75 in my pocket.” Later on, he played bass in a number of well-known bands, such as The Cult, Too Free Stooges, Jane’s Addiction, and Thelonious Monster. In 1992, he joined Peter DiStefano, Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins, and former members of Jane’s Addiction as founding members of the alternative rock group Porno for Pyros.

Who Is The Husband of Christina  Martyn_LeNoble

“We’ll continue to work together as long as we enjoy it,” LeNoble said to Rolling Stone of Pyros’ early days as a band while the band was still Porno.

LeNoble revealed on Instagram that he would not be touring with the band when they announced in November 2023 that they would be getting back together for a farewell tour in 2024.Who Is The Husband of Christina

He wrote, “I’ve changed,” next to a black and white picture of the band when they were younger. I enjoy the outdoors and alone. That being said, I’m going to be pursuing my love of animals and won’t be joining the forthcoming tour. I wish my brothers Perry, Pete and Stephen the best. I sincerely appreciate every second I had with them. Above all, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for the incredible memories and support.”

He was married before

Both Applegate and LeNoble had previous marriages before becoming married. From 2001 to 2007, the Dead to Me actress was wed to fellow actor Johnathon Schaech. Schaech filed for divorce in December of 2005. But at the time, a statement from their publicist said that both parties had made a consensual decision. It took over two years for their divorce to be finalized, in August 2007. LeNoble’s first wife is not well-known, although he did indicate in an interview that she was a musician and had played in a Velvet Underground cover band.

martyn lenoble has a child from a previous relationship

Apart from the child he shares with Applegate, LeNoble also has a daughter named Marlon from a past relationship. Marlon has been featured on the musician’s social media pages several times over the years, and based on her own accounts, it seems that she is a photographer..

Her father joyfully celebrated her 2019 Tisch School of the Arts graduation on Instagram by posting a picture of his daughter wearing her royal purple gown and cap.

Applegate and martyn lenoble were friends before they began dating

Who Is The Husband of Christina  martyn

Despite being married in 2013, the couple had been together for a lot longer. In 2009, Applegate told PEOPLE that although LeNoble had been a friend for 13 years, their bond had only gotten deeper over time. On Valentine’s Day in February 2010, Applegate and LeNoble announced their engagement after two years of courtship.

In February 2013, the couple wed in a private ceremony at their Los Angeles residence, three years later. Applegate’s dress was designed by Maria Lucia Hohan, while the couple’s rings were created by designer Neil Lane. Not much is known about their private ceremony.

He and Applegate have one child together

Reps for Applegate confirmed to People in July 2010 that ,less than five months after the couple got engaged the couple were expecting their first child together.The actress predicted that her parenting approach would be a mix of “hippie” and “type A” before giving birth, according to PEOPLE. “I’ll take from what my mother did, which was way hippie and like, ‘Do what you wanna do,’ and bring some things that I know from watching my friends raise their kids,” she said. “An amalgamation of sorts.”

Sadie Grace LeNoble, Applegate and LeNoble’s daughter, was born on January 27, 2011. In March 2012, Applegate talked up about motherhood during an interview with Scholastic Parent & Child. She revealed that her infant daughter at the time thought she was hilarious and loved her animal imitation. She mimics me like a monkey and loves it when I do the same. She finds something new every day that she finds hilarious, according to Applegate, who also mentioned that Sadie might be her worst critic. She stops finding it hilarious after the third time. The public is not as harsh on criticism as Sadie is.”

LeNoble’s profession also contributes to Sadie’s home life being in a healthy balance. “Because she sees her father with guitars playing music for her, and then she sees mom being ridiculous at home,” Applegate said. She resembles a combination of the two of us. She does, however, also have her own affairs. She is quite self-reliant.”Who Is The Husband of Christina

Even though Sadie wasn’t in the spotlight often when she was a child, she has developed the habit of going with Applegate on the red carpet.

Sadie attended 28th annual Critics Choice Awards on January 15, 2023, with her mother. Sadie was Applegate’s date for the 2023 SAG Awards the following month. The mother-daughter pair dressed in black ensembles for both functions.

He supported christina Applegate during her health struggles

Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer while dating LeNoble. She required surgery to remove her fallopian tubes and ovaries in addition to a double mastectomy. She had witnessed her mother, Nancy Priddy, struggle with the same sickness years before, so the diagnosis was very challenging for her. Eventually, Priddy overcame her disease, giving Applegate encouragement and fortitude to fight her own battle.

LeNoble supported the actress as well, using humor to help her get through the difficult moments.Who Is The Husband of Christina

“Without him, I don’t think I could have made it through any of it,” Applegate told Women’s Health in 2009. She added, “Throughout the hospital, I laughed more than I had ever laughed, making light of all the strange things that were occurring to me.”

Applegate announced on Twitter in August 2021 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “It’s been a strange journey,” she wrote. However, the folks I know who also suffer from this illness have been incredibly supportive.”Who Is The Husband of Christina

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