Who is Matthew Muller?Where is Matthew Muller Now? What Happened to him?

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What Happened to Him: Matthew Muller is a criminal who was convicted of kidnapping and raping Denise Huskins in 2015. Matthew joined in the Marines immediately after graduating from high school. Matthew Muller is currently serving a sentence of 71 years in FCI Tucson in Arizona for federal crimes and state crimes related to the Quinn and Huskins kidnapping. Find out more about Matthew Muller’s conviction, sentence, and when he is expected to be released in 2049

What Happened to Him Mathew_Muller

For federal and state offenses related to the Quinn-Huskins kidnapping, Matthew Muller is serving a 71-year term at FCI Tucson, Arizona. Learn more about his conviction, sentencing, and anticipated release in 2049.

Who is Matthew Muller?

Former Marine and lawyer Matthew Muller became well-known for his role in a high-profile kidnapping case. Muller broke into Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s Vallejo, California, house in 2015.

Denise Huskins was taken away by him and attacked with sexual assault; her boyfriend was made to pay for her safe release. The authorities thought the incident was a prank at first, but Muller was finally found to be the culprit.

What Happened to Him Mathew_Muller

Although Matthew Muller practiced immigration law, he was disbarred in 2013 for deceiving a client and neglecting to pay annual dues. In addition, he was accused of stealing money from a client and then neglecting to process the client’s son’s green card application.

Muller was found guilty of the kidnapping in a federal court in 2017 and given a 40-year jail sentence. In addition, he was charged by the state and entered a not guilty plea to two counts of wrongful imprisonment, robbery, burglary, and forced rape in Solano County Superior Court.

He was given an extra 31 years to serve alongside his federal sentence as part of an agreement with the prosecution. Matthew Muller is receiving court-ordered mental health treatment while being held in a jail in California. He is currently serving his time for the offenses he did.

What Happened to Him, Where is Matthew Muller Now?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that Matthew Muller is presently imprisoned at FCI Tucson in Tucson, Arizona. After being detained for a different offense, he became involved in the kidnapping case involving Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins.

Muller received a 71-year sentence in 2022, which included 31 years in state prison and 40 years for federal offenses. He entered a guilty plea to counts of burglary, false imprisonment, robbery, and forced rape. Muller is serving both sentences simultaneously, and his anticipated release date is 2049.

Muller expressed regret during the trial, but his illegal behavior and subsequent convictions have resulted in a prison term that is significant. Matthew Muller is currently incarcerated at FCI Tucson, a medium-security federal penitentiary facility, where he is serving his sentences for the offenses he committed..

What Did Matthew Muller Do?

On March 22, 2015, Matthew Muller broke into Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s Vallejo, California, house in a frightening occurrence. Before taking Denise with him, Muller bound the pair, closed their eyes, and gave them a medication.

He took Denise to his mother’s South Lake Tahoe cottage via car, and there he abused her sexually.


Muller gave Denise a video of her dad speaking to the media and then told her it was “time to go home.” After giving her another drug overdose, he dumped her off near Huntington Beach, California.

He threatened Denise and her family before he left, making it clear that she couldn’t reveal his military history or the assaults. The chilling ordeal concluded with Muller warning, “We will never stop observing you.”

Where is Matthew Muller spending his time behind prison right now?

Matthew Muller is a prisoner of FCI Tucson, located in Arizona.

Which offenses resulted in Matthew Muller’s imprisonment?

Muller received a term for offenses against the federal and state governments, most pertaining to the abduction of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn.

Which offenses resulted in Matthew Muller’s imprisonment?

Muller is incarcerated for 71 years in all, of which 40 are for federal offenses and the remaining 31 are for state offenses.What Happened to Him

Regarding what allegations Matthew Muller entered a guilty plea?

Muller entered a guilty plea to counts of burglary, false detention, robbery, and forced assault.

When can we expect to see Matthew Muller?

Muller’s anticipated release date, taking into account concurrent service of his state and federal sentences, is 2049.

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