All you need to know About Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole

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Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole: For five years, the on-air reporter had an on-and-off romance with the Kansas City Chiefs player.

TRAVIS KELCE’S Girlfriend before taylor swift

Meet Kayla Nicole, the ex-girlfriend of NFL player Travis Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs’ on-air reporter and record-breaking tight end began dating in 2017 and have been in an on-and-off relationship for five years. Following reports about their breakup, including claims that they split up for financial reasons, the Ohio native clarified the situation during an interview with The Pivot Podcast in January 2023.

In an episode of New Heights featuring Jason and Travis Kelce from September 2023, Kelce discussed his plans to re-join Tinder and sought Kylie, his sister-in-law, for guidance on selecting a profile photo. Following the episode’s broadcast, there were reports that Kelce and Taylor Swift were dating after she was seen at his Kansas City Chiefs games on September 24 and October 1.

Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Travis_Kelce_Girlfriend

Amidst the “backlash” she’s received from internet trolls as Kelce moves on to a new relationship, Nicole published a potent open letter to Black females in the middle of October. Later that month, Nicole talked candidly with PEOPLE about how she has been putting her mental health first, which includes publicly unfollowing Patrick Mahomes and Brittany.Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole

“I have to move forward in my life, and everyone else needs to respect it,” she said,” she explained. “And ideally when they do, it will imply that they stop bringing me into topics that aren’t related to me.” Everything you need to know about Nicole, from her journalism training to her fashion profession, is given here.

Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend is graduated from Pepperdine University

Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Travis_Kelce_ex_gf

Even before she met Kelce, Nicole was passionate about athletics and even attended college to become a professional player. In 2018, she informed her Instagram followers via a “friendly reminder” that she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Pepperdine University in 2013.

She wrote, “Hosting is where my heart is,” as the description for a video that showed her reporting from outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, while wearing a Laker suit.Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole

She works as a sports journalist on-air.

Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Travis_Kelce_ex_gf

Nicole got hosting jobs at sports media sites including ESPN and Barstool Sports after graduating from Pepperdine. Nicole has made a reputation for herself covering NBA and NFL sidelines as well as courtside, but she has also covered entertainment news.

She conducted interviews with Sterling K. Brown for his 2019 Angry Bird 2 press tour and Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler for Global Grind during their 2017 and 2019 press tours for The House.Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole

Kayla Nicole is a fashion influencer

Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Travis_Kelce_ex_gf_Kayla_Nicole

Nicole has worked in the media in addition to pursuing a career in modeling. She is a brand ambassador for Revolve, Crocs, and Savage X Fenty, among other fashion labels.

Nicole uses her Instagram account to share her work as well as her passion for exercise and health. Additionally, the model owns Strong, a fitness brand. She got to know Travis Kelce on Instagram Nicole has said that she originally connected with Kelce on Instagram, but it’s still unclear when they actually met. She said, “He had been insta-flirting and following me for a few months,” in an Instagram Story that was later removed and was seen by TMZ.

She and Travis Kelce had an intermittent relationship.

In 2017, following their first Instagram direct messages, Kelce and Nicole began dating. They split up and then reconciled multiple times in the years that followed.

They both separated for the first time in August 2020. Since Nicole had deleted pictures of the football player from her Instagram account a week prior, fans had been wondering if Kelce and Nicole were splitting up. Kelce then confirmed the news. The confirmation followed reports that Kelce had cheated on Nicole with a “Becky,” an accusation he refuted in a since-deleted tweet. According to a screenshot from TMZ, Kelce posted on Twitter, “This is fake news… a lie.. and not why Kayla and I broke up,” “Take all your hatred somewhere else please.”


After the Chiefs’ loss, Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Kayla Nicole praises the Buccaneers, calling it a “tough game.”
November of that year saw the couple reunited after a few months apart. By referring to Nicole as “my girlfriend” in an Instagram Live with WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike, Kelce announced their reconciliation. Nicole is the best, according to Kelce. “She’s the absolute best.”

They split up once more in May 2022. Barstool Sports said at the time that Nicole and Kelce broke up because Kelce had her pay for “half of everything” while they were dating.

But in a January 2023 interview with The Pivot Podcast, Kelce refuted the claim that he was “too cheap,” saying, “don’t buy into that s—.” “I would never say that I was supporting her,” he went on. She led a fairly secure existence in terms of money and her professional endeavors.”

He then on, “But you would be insane if you thought I would never lend a hand or give her a few thousand to buy food, or if she gave me some cash to buy food. We spent five years dating.”A hundred bucks here, a hundred dollars there, was not taken into consideration.”

Fans noticed that Nicole unfollowed Patrick Mahomes, a teammate of Kelce, and his wife Brittany on Instagram in October 2023. The information was released during Brittany’s dinner date in New York City with Blake Lively and Sophie Turner, who is supposed to be Kelce’s new girlfriend, Taylor Swift. At MetLife Stadium, Swift and Mahomes were also spotted sitting together in a box supporting the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the midst of rumors that the two friends had broken up, Nicole exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that “the reality” of their circumstance is far more complicated and that she had spoken to Brittany about it in private.

“There is a great deal of history and friendship there, and things don’t change quickly,” she said. “But I have to defend myself in public because things are occurring so fast and in such a visible way. That is all there is to it. The affection endures.”

Kayla speaks truth using her platform.

Nicole shared a heartfelt statement she wrote in an Instagram video on October 9. In response to the “backlash” she’s received from internet trolls, including her ex-boyfriend Kelce, she sent an open letter to Black girls.

“It has always been very important to me to use my position to uplift and unite women, especially Black women, rather than to sow discord,” She addressed the camera before starting her speech.


“They might call you a traitor for falling in love, my Black girl. You’ll think that those closest to you will defend you, but you’ll soon realize that people don’t defend what they don’t believe in. They’ll tell you that you’re not enough while also complaining that you’re too much, too opinionated, too boisterous, and too provocative.”

Nicole went on, saying, in part, “They’ll say you deserve the shame and criticism. You were Black, so you ought to have known better. They’ll even make an effort to link your worth to your wealth. But remember, Black girl, that your true worth is found somewhere else. Your heart knows how valuable you are.”

KYLA NICOLE has her own fitness brand

Nicole told PEOPLE in October 2023 that she was “very excited” to be relaunching Tribe Therepe, her fitness company centered around “feel-good fitness,” by fusing the techniques she’s acquired in therapy with the workouts she provides with her fan following.

“Emphasizing the mental health aspect of exercise, which is extremely significant to me and resonates with me, it essentially encourages people to look after their mental health.,” she explained, adding, “I believe that your body will follow your mental well-being.”


Nicole claimed that after experiencing a “major breakup” and “major life change,” she “lost a substantial amount of weight within a very short amount of time” and stopped eating and sleeping. “When I post something, people comment, ‘You look so good.'” Share your tricks with us. You appear fantastic. And I think, ‘I’m really sad. I’m not happy. “I’m sad,” Nicole acknowledged. “I possessed an incredible six-pack of abs. “I had never felt so bad in my life,” the person said.

“Following that, I started going to therapy and quickly realized that although being physically fit was one thing, being mentally fit was quite another. Even if you are in the best physical condition of your life, it won’t feel good mentally if you are sick.”

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