Princess of Wales will undergo a abdominal surgery, while King Charles will have prostate operation.

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Princess of Wales Will Undergo: According to Kensington Palace on Wednesday, the Princess of Wales has been admitted to The London Clinic for a scheduled stomach operation and may be there for up to two weeks.

On Wednesday, It was revealed by Buckingham Palace  that the Princess of Wales was recovering in the hospital following her scheduled abdominal surgery, and Britain’s King Charles III would be having a “corrective procedure” for an enlarged prostate gland.

In order to allow for recovery from the treatment, the 75-year-old king, who ascended to the throne in September of last year following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, will be admitted to the hospital next week, the palace announced, It also mentioned that he had to postpone several appointments in order to recover from the surgery.

“Similar to several men every year, the King has pursued medical attention for an enlarged prostate,” the palace said in a statement. “The following week, His Majesty will make a hospital visit for a corrective procedure.”

The king, according to palace officials had been “eager to discuss the details of his diagnosis in order to motivate other men who might be experiencing signs to seek medical attention.”Princess of Wales Will Undergo


Health officials claim that while the illness is widespread in men over 50, it does not raise the risk of prostate cancer. It can disrupt a man’s urination patterns.

Less than two hours before, the palace had announced that Princess Kate, the heir apparent to the throne and daughter-in-law to the king, had undergone a planned surgery to address an undisclosed abdominal ailment. After the “successful” surgery, the palace estimates that she will remain in the hospital for ten to fourteen days and that she won’t likely return to her royal duties until Easter.

Princess of Wales Will Undergo

The Times newspaper claims that Kate, 42, last appeared in public on Christmas Day at a church service.

According to British press sources, the Prince of Wales had canceled several of his scheduled engagements and was adamant on being by his wife’s side, raising doubts about his intended trip to Rome.

In a nation famous for its occasionally frenzied fascination with the royal family’s lives,the palace said the princess “recognizes the attention that this statement will bring. She’s hoping that others will understand her need to keep her kids as normal as possible.”Princess of Wales Will Undergo

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