Pete Carroll Removed from the Seahawks head coach position: Everything you need to know.

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Pete Carroll Removed from

After winning Super Bowl XLVIII and coming close to repeating the following season, the Seahawks have made several significant changes during the last nine seasons to regain their position at the top of the NFL. They have executed spectacular moves and signed high-profile free agents. They have frequently switched up the coordinators on both sides of the ball and made personnel and scheme changes to their defense. Even Russell Wilson, a franchise quarterback, has moved on from them.Pete Carroll Removed from.

They took the most significant action possible on Wednesday when they declared Pete Carroll’s departure as head coach following a 14-season period that was the most successful in team history. Here are some questions surrounding the move and what direction the Seahawks are going forward as they enter the offseason.

Why did it occur at this time?? Was it entirely unexpected?

Carroll stated, “I competed pretty hard to be the coach. I went along with their intentions,” at the press conference following the announcement. This occurred after he said in the postgame interviews on Sunday and Monday that he intended to stay on as the Seahawks’ coach, all of which indicates that owner Jody Allen, not Carroll, made this choice.

Allen’s statement gave only unclear reasoning, saying the move was in the best interest of the organization, but it’s been obvious that the Seahawks have settled into a mediocrity trap.Pete Carroll Removed from

The Seahawks have qualified for the playoffs six times but have never gone past the divisional round since winning the Super Bowl at the end of the 2013 season and almost winning it again the following year.

Carroll stated earlier this week on his radio show that the Seahawks, who ended 9-8 last year, are now closer to winning a Super Bowl than they were then. But there was no clear indication of that vision. Seattle’s offense struggled, and its defense regressed. The Seahawks are 25-27 during the last three seasons, including a wild-card loss that terminated their only postseason trip during that time.

Pete Carroll Removed from, How does Carroll’s future appear to be going forward?

Carroll said that the specifics of his adviser position are still to be finalized, but Allen stated in her statement that Carroll would continue to be a member of the team as an advisor. The lack of information and Carroll’s clear intention to stay as Seattle’s coach create the idea that the Seahawks are granting Carroll the title of adviser to provide the greatest coach in team history with the most appropriate departure possible.Pete Carroll Removed from

At 72 years old, Carroll appears to be as energized as ever, and he hasn’t shown any evidence in recent years that his love for coaching has diminished.In one of his more passionate moments during the press conference, he said that he is “freakin’ jacked” rather than exhausted or worn out. That raises the question of whether, given the proper circumstances, he might be interested in coaching a different team.

He said, “We’ll have to wait and see,” when questioned about the possibility. “Today concerns today. I’m not aware of that.

Carroll’s advisor job will not involve his helping general manager John Schneider find a replacement if he chooses to stay put, as was made clear on Wednesday.

Carroll assisted in hiring Schneider in 2010 and had given final statements over personnel decisions. Schneider is currently in charge of Seattle’s front desk.

Who could be the possible candidate to become the next coach in Seattle?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, defense coordinator Dan Quinn of the Cowboys will be on the Seahawks’ short list of prospects.

Quinn has been a clear possibility in recent seasons, while concerns about Carroll’s coaching future have grown. Having served as the defensive line coach for the Seahawks in 2009–10 and the defensive coordinator in 2013–14, he has familiarity with Schneider. During their two Super Bowl appearances, he served as the coordinator and oversaw one of the most powerful teams in NFL history.

Pete Carroll Removed from

The main reason Seattle is looking for a new coach right now is that the defense has been steadily getting worse ever since. The Seahawks finished 30th in yards allowed and 25th in points allowed in 2023.

Five Candidates Who Could Replace Pete Carroll

The following candidates could replace Pete Carroll:

  • Dan Quinn, Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator
  • Ben Johnson, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator
  • Raheem Morris, Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator
  • Kalen DeBoer, University of Washington head coach
  • Robert Saleh, New York Jets head coach
For the person who takes over as coach, what will be their first priority?

The first decision will be on whether to retain defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Considering how poorly Seattle has performed this season on both sides of the ball, their employment futures have appeared unclear.

After placing 30th in 2022 (150.2 running yards allowed per game), the Seahawks’ top defensive goal was to do better against the run. However, following a great start, they regressed and finished one position worse at 31st (138.4). In contrast, Seattle’s offense was rated 21st in yards (322.9% per game) and 18th in scoring (20.2 PPG). And it labored on third down once more, a persistent problem for this club.

New coaches mostly prefer to bring in their coordinators. Furthermore, Hurtt and Waldron’s recent underwhelming performances do not seem to suggest that they will be around.

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