10 must-try street food in Amritsar

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Amritsar, a city in the state of Punjab, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the state due to its delicious cuisine, stunning views, and the iconic Golden Temple. The city is famous for its incredibly vibrant street food culture, which is a food lover’s delight. The lively streets are filled with friendly, kind people, as well as the captivating aroma of many delicious native dishes. There are many different options available in the street food of Amritsar that will tempt everyone and make them want to eat more.famous food in amritsar

You will come here for the street cuisine, and you will never want to go back to expensive cafes and restaurants. All you have to do is try some of the most beloved dishes here and order online.famous street food in amritsar

1. Famous Food in Amritsar, Chole Kulche

A trip to Amritsar would not be complete without enjoying Amritsari Kulcha with Chole. Usually made from refined wheat and baked in a tandoor to give it a wonderful golden-brown color, this puffy but crispy stuffed flatbread is filled with seasoned spicy mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, and fresh herbs. Serve kulcha with Amritsari-style chickpeas, a spicy and delicious chickpea dish; The two are married in culinary heaven.

2. Makki di Roti-Sarson da Saag

This is another famous street food in Amritsar that you ought to try throughout the winter. The finest way to savor Makki di Roti is alongside the mouthwatering Sarson da Saag. A spoonful of freshly whipped butter is often spread on top of the meal to add a rich and substantial flavor.best street food in amritsar near golden temple

3. Aloo Tikki

No matter your age, the aloo tikki is bound to be a favorite. These savory potato patties are typically eaten fresh and hot with accompaniments like imli chutney and pudina chutney. The patties are seasoned with a variety of aromatic spices and herbs, giving it its deliciously complex and rich flavor.

4. Samosas

The globally popular samosa is an iconic Indian food that consists of a refined flour cone stuffed with spicy potatoes, peas, and spices. Amritsar street food is known for its uniquely tasty and appetizing samosas, and they are frequently served with sweet and sour imli chutney or pudina and dhaniya chutneys

5. Jalebis

People who have a craving for sweets should try jalebis. These crispy, spiraling sweets are created by cooking a cultured flour mixture before allowing it to soak in syrup made from sugar.

6. Lassi

Amritsar is renowned for its cool and velvety lashes. It is a chilled curd beverage that comes in a variety of flavors, like basic, sweet, and mango. Lassi, which is often garnished with a hefty spoonful of malai, is presented in big glasses.

7. Paneer Bhurji
famous food in amritsar

Paneer bhurji is one of the North Indian delicacies composed of crushed paneer, onions, tomatoes, and masalas. This scrumptious and protein-packed street snack may be eaten by itself or along with rotis, parathas, etc.

8. Chole Bhature
famous food in amritsar

Bhature is a traditional deep-fried Indian bread made from fermented dough that is served with spicy and hot chole. The combination of crispy yet fluffy golden bread with luscious and explosive chole is exceptional and can be found in every food street in Amritsar

9. Fish Tikka

Amritsari Fish Fry is an absolute must-try snack for seafood fans. Fresh fish fillets are immersed in a concoction of Indian spices and curd before being cooked perfectly in a tandoor-style oven. You will definitely want to eat more and more of it because of its smoky and spicy flavours. 

10. Pinni
famous food in amritsar

THE delectable dessert known as Pinni is the perfect way to round off your gastronomic tour of the best street food in Amritsar. An assortment of nuts, including almonds, pistachios, and cashews, along with flour, ghee, and sugar, are used to make these lovely spheres or discs that can keep you filled throughout the day. A popular classic delicacy, pinni is most commonly enjoyed during festivities and special occasions.

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