Fruitful recipes for Shivratri fast (Shivratri Vrat Recipes)

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Mahashivratri Recipes On the occasion of Shivratri (Shivratri Vrat) or other fasting occasions, you need to eat fruit (Vrat Recipes). On these occasions, you can prepare and eat the following foods:

In the dishes of Shivratri (Mahashivratri Vrat), rock salt is used instead of normal salt and black pepper is used instead of red chilli. Some people do not even use peanuts during fast. In this case, you can remove peanuts from the ingredients. Choose your favorite recipe from this list.

Sago Pulao Sabudana Khichdi

Mahashivratri Recipes

Sabudana is a very good source of carbohydrates. Eating this gives you energy. Sago is eaten by most families during fasting days Sago: Well, perhaps this is the reason why people use sago even without fasting. Sago also contains a good amount of calcium.

Mahashivratri Recipes , Almond and Rose Barfi

Mahashivratri Recipes

Almond and Rose Barfi is a delicious and traditional Indian sweet that is perfect for fasting, puja, or even a children’s lunch box. Almond is considered a very beneficial dry fruit.

Dry fruits, laddus

Mahashivratri Recipes

These dry fruit laddus are not only tasty but also nutritious. Here we used almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews along with dates and cranberries. If you wish, you can also use some other dry fruits as per taste and availability. In this method, we have roasted dry fruits so that ghee is not used in it and these laddus are not too greasy and these laddus are not heavy. These laddus are fruitless and can be eaten even during fasting days. These laddus are also good for worship and enjoyment.

Roasted peanuts
Mahashivratri Recipes

Peanuts are rich in protein. Iron and magnesium are also found in it. Peanuts have so many qualities that they are called the dry fruits of the poor in India. Peanuts are used in many dishes. Generally peanuts are considered fruit and are used during fasting days. It is used only after roasting peanuts. This is a very simple method.

kachche kele kee tikkee
Mahashivratri Recipes

Carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6 are found in abundance in raw bananas. Potassium is also found in abundance in bananas. Raw bananas contain much less sugar than ripe bananas. Bananas are usually eaten during all fasts. These fruit tikkis made from raw bananas are not only amazing in taste but also good for health. You can roast these tikkis in the pan by applying very little grease.

Singhaade ka halva, mahashivratri 2024

Water chestnut is rich in carbohydrates, starch, vitamin B6, riboflavin etc. It is eaten raw as well as boiled. Various types of dishes are also made from water chestnut flour. Water chestnut dishes are prepared during fasting days.

Shakarakand ka halava, happy maha shivaratri

Shakarakand ka halava is a traditional North Indian sweet made especially for fasting. I remember when I was young, my grandmother used to make this halwa on the fast of Ekadashi. The sweet potato is considered a very beneficial tuber. It contains fiber in abundance, and along with this, it also contains vitamins A, C, calcium, and iron in abundance. The more ghee you add to this halwa, the more delicious it tastes. Now, along with taste, health also has to be taken care of, so I have reduced the ghee a little in the traditional method. If you want, you can reduce the quantity of ghee further.

Badam ka halva

Badam ka halva is very tasty and nutritious. There is no protein called gluten in buckwheat, so people who are allergic to gluten can also eat this halwa. While most grains are not eaten during fasting, buckwheat is a seed that is also used during fasting days in India. Many delicious dishes are made from buckwheat flour, such as buckwheat pakodas, buckwheat puri, buckwheat cheela, buckwheat halwa, buckwheat parathas, etc.

Curd Potatoes

Curd potatoes are a very tasty and spicy dish. To make curd potatoes, add salt and pepper to thick curd and boiled, chopped potatoes. The curd potatoes are ready. Isn’t it very easy and incomparable in taste? Curds are a good source of calcium. It also contains an abundant amount of protein. Curd is eaten by most families during fasting days Delicious curd potatoes taste great during fasting. Buckwheat and water chestnut dishes are hot; hence, they are served with curd dishes.Mahashivratri Recipes

Fruit Salad with Strawberry Dressing

This fruit salad has been presented in a new form. In the winter season, when a variety of fruits are available, you can make this salad with whatever fruits are easily available. Strawberry jam has been used to make strawberry dressing in this salad. Then you can also make this easy-to-prepare delicious salad…Mahashivratri Recipes

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