Eagles Center Jason Kelce planning to Retire After 13 NFL Seasons

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Jason Kelce, the center for the Eagles, leaves the field during Monday night’s wild-card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jason Kelce stood on the sidelines in tears as the final seconds of what was likely his last NFL game ticked off. Kelce gave his longtime offensive line coach a warm embrace. After the game, which concluded with the Philadelphia Eagles losing and a terrifying season-ending collapse, he took off his helmet and shook hands with fans he knew.

That was when Kelce realized that his career was finished, something the gregarious center couldn’t bring himself to admit when he refused to talk to the media following the loss.

Over the past few seasons, Kelce, 36, was waived in favor of retirement. In an attempt to get center Kelce to come back in 2022, coach Nick Sirianni once sent a keg of beer to his house, adding to Kelce’s legend.

He has been the team’s driving force, a Super Bowl winner, and a hero in Philadelphia sports. However, three individuals with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press that Kelce has informed teammates he plans to retire following 13 seasons, 156 consecutive starts, and six choices to the All-Pro Team.

Eagles Center Jason Kelce

Under the condition of anonymity, they spoke with the AP on Tuesday in observance of Kelce’s decision, which he has not yet made public.

Eagles cornerback Darius Slay Jr. posted on social media “The goat!!!. Appreciate ya big time,”

As soon as the upcoming episode of the “New Heights” podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Kelce will be able to discuss his choice. The brothers faced off in the Chiefs’ victory-filled Super Bowl the previous season.

“I love him.” Coach Nick Sirianni of the Eagles stated, “Yeah, obviously we are not on that position right now, ready to talk about that, but he’s special and I love him,” since the team’s 32-9 loss to Tampa Bay.He is one of the most unique persons I’ve ever encountered. He has a home here and is always welcome to come play.

Eagles Center Jason Kelce

Since being selected in the sixth round of the 2011 draft, the powerful, bushy-haired, and bearded Kelce has been a mainstay of the offensive line. After missing the most of the 2012 season due to a partially damaged MCL and torn ACL, he became an Iron Man.

Kelce has extensive experience outside of football. He co-hosts a podcast. The documentary “Kelce” focused on him. Heck, Kelce was included with Timothée Chalamet and Jamie Foxx in People magazine’s list of the Sexiest Men for 2023.

His career has taken him from playing celebrity bartender on the beach to belting out holiday songs on two Christmas albums. He is a well-liked figure in Philadelphia. At a 76ers game, Kelce sang the national anthem. At a Phillies postseason game, he slammed a beer to a standing ovation and partied with the Phanatic.

However, the Super Bowl parade in 2018 was the moment that cemented his lifelong friendship with the Philadelphia supporters. He donned a famous Mummer’s costume and, in an electrifying speech that sent the crowd into a frenzy, the ultimate underdog spoke out in foul language.

“No one likes us! No one likes us! No one likes us! We don’t care,” Kelce declared. “We’re from Philly! . No one likes us! We don’t care!”

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts  referred to Kelce as a legend.

“He’s the city’s legend.Actually inside the league,” Hurts said. “I don’t want to diminish him or the accomplishments and obstacles he has faced. It wasn’t an easy path to where he is now. For him, it’s been a very long time coming, and every year while I’ve been here, I’ve been asking myself, would you return? However, he is aware of my affection and gratitude for him. He is aware of how much I’ve picked up from him. I will always have a particular place in my heart for him.”

As one of the core four players for Philadelphia, Kelce went through droughts, championship runs, changing coaches, and one of the worst collapses in the history of the team. The only two players remaining from previous head coach Andy Reid’s final season with the Eagles in 2012 are Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham. The final seasoned anchor is Lane Johnson, who was a rookie in 2013 during former coach Chip Kelly’s debut season.Eagles Center Jason Kelce

Under former coach Doug Pederson, they were the Super Bowl winners, but in 2020, they won just four games. They’ve broken records and played with hurt. The bar for what it means to be an Eagles player has also been lifted by them.

There is no longer a Core Four. The first person to give up is Kelce.”It’s a unique thing that he’s done it at such a high level for so long and so consistently,” Sirianni remarked.Eagles Center Jason Kelce

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