Dak Prescott thinks he should be on Cowboys hot seat if Mike McCarthy is too

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dak prescott of the dallas cowboys

Dak Prescott completed 41 of 60 throws for 403 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions as the Cowboys gained 510 yards on Sunday. Numbers can be misleading. The contract catapulted Prescott into the ranks of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league, with an

Entering the fourth quarter behind 41-16, the Cowboys amassed 216 yards in garbage time, including 210 passing yards from Prescott and two passing touchdowns.

dak prescott of the dallas cowboys

“Tonight, I was awful. That concluded it, said Prescott. We started it a little bit late, but at that time, it made little difference. fought. I really only know how to do that. However, the main focus is on winning—both in the regular season and throughout the playoffs, as well as making it to the final game and winning it. Yes, it’s difficult. dak prescott of the cowboys. dak prescott

The Cowboys lost 48-32 to the Packers, giving up the most points in the team’s postseason history. Owner Jerry Jones described the outcome as “stunning” many times during his ten-minute postgame media appearance.

Additionally, it raises question on coach Mike McCarthy’s future.

dak prescott of the dallas cowboys

McCarthy’s tenure is up in one year, but the humiliating defeat on Sunday may have been more memorable than his three straight 12-win regular seasons combined. Jones stated that he currently has no appointments with McCarthy.

Nothing is certain about that, according to Jones. “My intention was to meet with him the next day to discuss our performance tonight and to prepare for the upcoming week.That was the agenda item. My plan for tomorrow is to fire the squad.

McCarthy received a vote of confidence from Prescott, for what that’s worth. dak prescott apparel

Prescott remarked, “He’s been amazing.” “I don’t know McCarthy’s future can be in doubt, but I understand the business. If so, to be really honest, it ought to be about me too. It was because of that guy that I’ve had this season. He is the reason this squad has been successful. I am aware that the main goal is to win the Super Bowl, and that ought to be the norm in this area as well as the league. I understand, but if so, please include me on the list.Prescott’s future after next season is in uncertain.
dak prescott of the dallas cowboys
His 2024 salary cap charge is $59.455 million, which means he will remain the quarterback for the Cowboys in 2024. But after that, what about his future? Would the Cowboys be willing to pay him over $50 million each season in a long-term contract? Prescott led the league in touchdowns and interceptions with 36, having a season akin to that of an MVP. But in his eight playoff games, he is just 2-5, with the best result being a trip to the divisional round.When asked if his decision to commit to his quarterback in the long run will be affected by Prescott’s showing on Sunday, Jones said that it would. “I haven’t given this any thought at all. I haven’t given it any thought, so I won’t remark on it,” Jones stated.”Since we learned we would have this home field, all of my thoughts for the past few weeks have been focused on anticipating and making plans to move on from this game to another one here at the stadium. I’m going to go all the way back to the beginning of my mind to consider anything besides this game next week. air jordan dak prescott

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