Travel Tips: These things should not be eaten during travel,the fun of the entire trip can be spoiled.

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Travel Tips: Who doesn’t like to travel? Along with travelling, eating and drinking also go on, sometimes chips and sometimes samosas. In such a situation, many unhealthy things are consumed, due to which problems start occurring.

Who doesn’t like to travel? Along with the walking, there is food and drink, sometimes even chips. Sometimes samosas and sometimes pakodas. After some time, I start feeling hungry, and I put something in my mouth again and again. Keeps going. In such a situation, many unhealthy things are consumed, which are harmful for health. This has an impact, and the fun of the journey also starts getting spoiled. Many people feel dizzy while traveling.
Problems like vomiting and nausea start occurring. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of your eating habits. Otherwise, the fun of your entire trip may be spoiled.

Oily food

Travel Tips

One should avoid eating deep fried snacks like pakodas, samosas, bhature etc. during travelling. Consuming these increases the possibility of your health deteriorating. One should avoid
eating these fried items sold in the open during travelling.

Travel Tips, Non veg

Travel Tips

You should also avoid eating non-vegetarian foods during travel because they are made with a lot of oil and spices. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to digest them, and problems like nausea or vomiting start occurring. During the journey, one should consume light things that are easily digested.

Milk and eggs

Travel Tips

During travelling, people often start taking omelettes or bottles of flavored milk thinking it to be healthy food, but even these are not easily digested.

Avoid alcohol
Travel Tips

Avoid drinking alcohol during travel. This causes dehydration and swelling, due to which your stomach gets swollen while sitting and problems like indigestion start occurring.

For a fun trip

To ensure that the journey is pleasant and comfortable, it is better not to overeat. You can eat dry banana chips or eat light food during the journey.

Do not let there be shortage of water

One should drink plenty of water during the journey so that there is no problem with dehydration. Apart from this, if you have a long journey, then stop in between and take a walk for two minutes and get refreshed because sitting for a long time causes difficulty digesting food.

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