How to entertain yourself during a long flight

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Things to do on a long flight: International flights are usually long, so sitting in the cabin for so long can bore anyone, so some entertainment is very important to keep yourself busy and engaged.

Generally, domestic flights do not take more than 3–4 hours; that is, if you have to go from one city to another in India and you are traveling by flight, then it will not take you more than 3–4 hours. But international flights are usually longer. Especially if you are going from India to America or Canada, a journey of 15–16 hours is common. In such a situation, sitting in the cabin for so long can bore anyone; hence, some entertainment is very important to keep yourself busy and engaged.

Read book

Things to do on a long flight

If you also have an interest in reading, then this can prove to be your favorite pastime. If you want, you can keep an interesting novel with you, or if you are techno-savvy, you can use an e-reader, or you can download and read a book on your smartphone. Apart from this, if you are interested in news, a good gossip magazine or newspaper can also be useful for you. You will not even realize how much time will pass while reading a book during a long flight, and the book will also get finished.

Things to do on a long flight, watch a movie or show

Things to do on a long flight

The best form of in-flight entertainment is watching a movie or TV show. On most long flights, there are many options available on the screen in front of the seat, and if you want, you can pass the time by watching movies or TV shows. If you want, you can also download some good movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy them during the flight. Many flights now also have Wi-Fi facilities, so if you want, you can also enjoy live entertainment on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Use podcasts

If you want to learn something new or want to entertain yourself without looking at the screen, then podcasts are the best option, and these days, all types of podcasts are available, keeping in mind your hobbies and interests. Podcasts ranging from comedy to music shows will not let you get bored during the flight.

Take pictures
Things to do on a long flight

When most people travel by flight for the first time, they definitely take pictures of the open sky outside the window, but as people become accustomed to traveling by flight, they stop taking pictures or looking out of the window. However, some of the world’s best photographs can be taken from the flight window. Be it a picture of the sunset visible above the clouds or a picture of the different shapes being formed by the clouds, you can take many great pictures during your journey, which can later be edited to make the perfect Instagram shot

Play a game

If you are traveling with your friends or family members, you can also pass the time by playing any game. If you want, you can also play some old games played in your childhood as in-flight entertainment. Use pen-and-paper, criss-cross, name-place-animal-thing, chess, or playing cards. If you are traveling solo, then keep Sudoku, a puzzle game, or any other brain game downloaded on your phone so that you can enjoy it during the flight.

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