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October to March are the best times to visit Vadodara. It is better to avoid visiting Vadodara during the monsoon and summer seasons, as the city experiences heavy rains from June to September and an extremely hot and humid climate during the summer months. Places to visit in Vadodara

places to visit in vadodara , How to Reach Vadodara

places to visit in vadodara

Vadodara, being an emerging business hub and major tourist destination, is easily accessible from most parts of India and Gujarat. One can find regular train and bus services linking many towns and frequent flights from the regional airport. Attractions in vadodara

By Airways: Vadodara is served by a domestic airport, namely Civil Airport Harni Airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, and Indigo operate daily from the airports. Plenty of options, like taxi, bus, shuttle, and auto services, are available from the airport.

By Railways: Vadodara Junction Railway Station (Indian Railways station code: BRC) is the busiest railway station in Gujarat. High-speed trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani link Vadodara with different parts of India.tourist places in Baroda, Gujarat

By Roadways: Traveling by road is the best way to reach Vadodara, as the highways and byways are beautiful and well-maintained. One can hire a private cab from the nearby town or opt for Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) webpage buses to reach Vadodara. Baroda tourist attractions


The main dishes of Vadodara

places to visit in vadodara
  1. Jalebi-Fafda
  2. Khandvi
  3. Sev Usal
  4. Tangy Bhelpuri
  5. Dabeli
  6. Vada Pav
  7. Ghughra
  8. Kulfi


Vadodara is a cultural hub, exhibiting traditional food, clothes, antiques, ancient history, and a vibrant lifestyle. The city is also popular for the Navratri festival, the pooja of Goddess Durga. The people of Vadodara celebrate this festival with ultimate enthusiasm. With innumerable tourist attractions, natural sightseeing parks, beautiful and soothing lakes, and ancient temples, you will find a lot of things to do in Vadodara. Moreover, along with these beautiful places, the city also features the most delectable traditional food.baroda tourist places

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