Mahakal Bhasma Aarti: If you also want to participate in Mahakal Bhasma Aarti, then know these new rules related to devotion.

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Mahakal Bhasma Aarti Booking: Devotees are eager to participate in the Bhasma Aarti of Mahakal. This aarti starts at 4 am in the morning in which devotees come from far and wide to participate. However, to participate in this, registration has to be done. To make this process easier, Mahakaleshwar Management Committee has made some changes in the rules of booking. Let us know everything about it.

  1. Now you will be able to book online three months in advance to attend Mahakal Bhasma Aarti.
  2. Booking can be done only once in three months with one Aadhar card and phone number.
  3. 400 people will be allowed for online booking in a day, the fee for which is Rs 200 per person.

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Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is situated in Ujjain, the city of Baba Mahakal, people come from far and wide to visit it. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. There is a continuous flow of devotees to have darshan of Mahakaal. People are eager to get just a glimpse of them. Aarti is performed five times a day in this temple, in which the first aarti is at 4 in the morning. This Aarti is called Bhasm Aarti, because in it ashes are offered to Lord Shiva.

Special recognition behind

The special belief behind this is that Lord Shankar is the seeker of the crematorium and ashes are his adornment. Therefore, a special Aarti is performed using ashes, in which the devotees have to register first to participate. Without registration you cannot participate in Bhasma Aarti. Therefore the devotees had to face a lot of difficulties. Due to the large number of devotees, it would have been difficult for everyone to attend the Aarti together. Therefore, registration has to be done, so that the number of people in the temple can be controlled.

Mahakal Bhasma Aarti Booking

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But Mahakaleshwar Management Committee has recently made such an announcement, which has created a wave of happiness among the devotees of Baba Mahakal. To ensure that devotees do not face any problem while attending Bhasma Aarti and do not become victims of any fraud, some changes will be made in the registration process for Bhasma Aarti from the month of May. Let us know what these changes are.

Mahakal Bhasma Aarti Booking : Will be able to book three months in advance

Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee has decided to make changes in the registration process of Bhasma Aarti, due to which now people will be able to make online booking to attend Bhasma Aarti of Mahakal three months in advance. Due to this facility, devotees can now register to participate in the Aarti as per their convenience. Online booking facility will start from the month of May.

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How much is the fee for online booking?

However, while registering online, it is important to keep in mind that with one Aadhar card and one phone number, you will be able to register only once in three months. After online registration, a reference number will come on the phone, after which a payment of Rs 200 will have to be made for each person and after this the booking will be confirmed.

You can also book offline

Applications of 400 people will be accepted in online booking in a day. Let us tell you that apart from online, booking for Bhasma Aarti can also be done through offline medium, but for this one has to stand in line from 6 am a day before and only 300 devotees are allowed to attend the Aarti. Is.

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