Best time to visit Jodhpur: Weather & Best Season

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best time to visit jodhpur: November to February are the best months to visit Jodhpur, although they are cold, with temperatures going close to 0 degrees Celsius for a few days in January. This is a good time to visit the forts of Jodhpur. October and March also provide pleasant weather for a trip to Jodhpur. However, being in an arid land, Rajasthan and also Jodhpur are extremely hot during the summer, so April to September must be avoided.


Monthly Weather in Jodhpur

MonthHigh/Low (°C)Rain
January24°/ 9°1 day
February30°/ 12°0 days
March32°/ 17°0 days
April38°/ 23°3 days
May41°/ 26°1 days
June41°/ 29°6 days
July37°/ 27°15 days
August33°/ 25°17 days
September35°/ 26°16 days
October35°/ 22°3 days
November30°/ 19°2 days
December25°/ 11°0 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Jodhpur

best time to visit jodhpur

Jodhpur in Winter (November–February) 

These are the best months to visit Jodhpur, as the weather is pleasant and you can visit the monuments easily without any discomfort. It might get very cold during the night (especially from mid-December to mid-January), but the daytime weather is quite pleasant for sightseeing.

Winter Travel Tips for Jodhpur

Pack warm woolen clothing.
Carry gloves, mufflers, and mittens.
Wear comfortable footwear.
Take sunscreen creams.
Use mosquito-repellent creams and lotions.

Jodhpur in Summer (April–September) 

best time to visit jodhpur and jaisalmer

Jodhpur is quite close to the edge of the Thar desert and is in an arid area; hence, it has a long, dry, and hot summer. These months are best avoided since it gets insanely hot during the day (the temperature could be as hot as 50 degrees during the morning, with little respite at night).

Summer Travel Tips for Jodhpur

Book tickets and accommodations in advance.
Pack light cotton clothing.
Wear comfortable footwear.
Carry an umbrella.
Carry a hat and sunglasses.

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