TOP 5 Veg Restaurants in Amritsar 2024

1.Bharawan Da Dhaba

Bharawan Da Dhaba is hailed as the best vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar by locals as well as travelers. Located near the Golden Temple.

2.Kanha Sweets

The name might throw you into believing that it is halwa (sweet shop), but they serve some of the best Kulchas in the city. Their most beloved dish here is the iconic Amritsari Kulch.

3.All-India Famous Kulcha

When it comes to kulchas, the All India Famous Kulche is a very popular name in Amritsar. And, why not? It has been treating hungry diners to this iconic .

4.The Kulcha Land

Kulcha Land is one of the most visited restaurants in Amritsar, among, you guessed it, kulcha lovers. It serves nothing but scrumptious stuffed kulchas with chole and a generous dollop of butter.

5.Brothers Dhaba

Brothers Dhaba is one of the best restaurants in Amritsar near the Golden Temple, so after you are done paying homage to the Sikh Gurus, come here for a nice meal.