Best street foods in Bangkok

This is a dish you are likely to encounter at every street you walk past when in Bangkok. Given the quality of Thai seafood it’s no wonder that a lot of the street foods of this city come from the sea.

Pla Muek Yang

Possibly the most popular and definitely the most visible, these bite-sized Thai crepes are a must have. Every stall or kiosk you try them at will make them well and make them fresh. Made with rice flour.

Khanom Bueang

One of the most popular fish dishes found on the street are these flavour packed fish cakes served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. 

Tod Mun Pla

This seemingly simple Thai dessert looks absolutely stunning when displayed across a street food vendor’s counter. With stark colours used as a topping, it’s very hard to miss these cups of tapioca and custard.

Tako or Ta Koa Med Bou

Between seafood and pork, it’s hard to determine which is more popular when it comes to Thai cuisine, especially street food. Crispy fried pork belly or Moo Krob is right up there with grilled squid as one of the most common sights in food markets and at street stalls.

Moo Krob