Best Street Food Outlets in Chandigarh

Ram Chat Bhandar is a street food shop in Chandigarh that is known for its best quality food and innovative menu. A newer addition to the many street food shops in the city this place has made a positive reputation for itself quite quickly.

01. Ram Chat Bhandar

One place that everyone in the city has heard of is Garg Chaat. The best place in the city to try authentic street food Garg Chaat Chandigarh is one of the oldest food shops in the city. Located in sector 23 this place has been serving people since the 1960s.

02. Garg Chaat

Krishna Chat Shop Chandigarh is one of the best street food places in the city. A paradise for gol gappa and chaat lovers Krishna Chat Shop is the most reputed eatery in the city. Krishna Chat Shop has two outlets one in sector 34 and the other in sector 37 which is called the New Krishna Chat Shop.

03. Krishna Chat Shop

The best place in the city to have quick bites Amritsari Kulcha Hub in sector 9 Chandigarh is one of the most visited street food places. As the name suggests this place serves North Indian food especially Punjabi food. Amritsari Kulcha Hub is located very ideally as it is surrounded by office complexes.

04. Amritsari Kulcha Hub

Roll Xpress is a street food shop that serves north Indian and continental street food. The best is what they do, Roll Xpress is a franchise styled food outlet that is open at multiple locations.

05. Roll Xpress

Gopal Ji confectioners is indubitably one of the best street food outlets in the city. A must-try for everyone in the city, it is a hit among youngsters. The appealing menu with the combination of budget-friendliness has made this place a hangout place for students.

06. Gopal Ji Confectioners

If you are looking for a local street food place other than in Chandigarh you have to visit Chilli Chaat in sector 9 Panchkula. one of the best places in the whole tri-city. This shop is one of those places in Panchkula for which it’s known.

07. Chilli Chaats

Sodhi’s Zaika is one of the best street food places in Chandigarh. if you are craving homely food when away from home or looking to have an enjoyable time with your family all you have to do is visit Sodhi’s Zaika in 46 sector Chandigarh. this food outlet is surrounded by schools.

08. Sodhi’s Zaika