Best street food in Jodhpur

The story of the Shahi Samosa dates back to 1984 when businessman Anand Prakash Arora fried a samosa while gazing at the Mehrangarh fort, and the word "shahi" (meaning royal) popped up in his mind.

Shahi samosa

Why drink your lassi when you can eat it? Head to Shri Mishrilal Hotel and try their famous Makhaniya lassi. In 1960, Shri Radheyshyam, son of owner Shri Mishrilal, invented this sweetened curd drink served in a kullad.

Makhaniya lassi

This 150-year-old establishment is tucked away in a narrow, quiet lane that bustles with morning activity as food enthusiasts flock to it for their fix of jumbo jalebis made to order.

Motu jalebi

Although Kabul is far from Jodhpur, due to historical connections between the kings of Marwar and the Mughals, several culinary delights of Afghanistan crossed the borders and were reinvented in Rajasthan as per to their dietary restrictions and available ingredients.

Jodhpuri Kabuli

Jodhpuris love to experiment, turning desserts into sabzis and savoury dishes into desserts. Another example of their innovative culinary skills is the mawa kachori, a sweet twist on the classic kachori typically filled with lentils or potatoes.

Maawa kachori

The gulab jamun here has garnered an international fan following, as people pack boxes for their family members and friends abroad. The iconic 125-year-old shop produces gulaab jaamun with a unique texture soft as cotton balls.

Gulab jamun