10 SPICIEST DISHES OF Mathura Vrindavan

1. Peda

Whoever comes to Mathura does not leave without eating Peda here. Many famous shops near Shri Krishna's birthplace in Mathura have been selling pedals for many years.

2. Dip Aloo-Puri

This is the unique food of Mathura. It is a thick curry made from tomatoes. Many types of local spices are added to it. It is usually served with puri. For dipped potatoes, people like.

3. Kachori-Jalebi

Kachori and jalebi are also famous street foods in Mathura. They are sold on every street corner in Mathura. Still, if you ask for a name, then Oma Pahalwan Kachori is a good option.

4. Aaloo tikki

You might have eaten Aloo Tikki from many places, but Mathura's Aloo Tikki is different. Hot potato tikkis are served with chickpeas or peas. Megha Chaat is said to be the best place for this.

5. Thandai

Thandai is enjoyed on Shivratri, but Mathura's special Thandai can be enjoyed without any festival. Many types of thandai are available in the shops around the temples.

6. Golagappe

Although Golgappa is liked all over India, it is liked more in Mathura. Bajrangbali Chaatwala is famous for Golgappa.

7. Desi Ghevar

Ghevar is made from flour and is fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Its dressing is made with rabri, or dry fruits. Its taste depends on the type of stove on which it is cooked.

8. makhana Mishra

Makhan Mishri is the favorite food of Lord Krishna. It is served as a prasad in the Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan. Prem Bhog Sweets in Mathura is a good place for this.

9. sweets

Shankar Mithaiwala is one of the few good shops in Mathura. All types of sweets are available here; by going here, you can taste the sweets of your choice. vrindavan famous food places.